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Application Performance Monitoring, Cloud Monitoring, APM, SLA, Synthetic Monitoring, AppDynamics, Splunk, Sitescope, Citratest, AWS CloudWatch, CAPM, CPM

Application Performance Monitroing

Monitor to Minimize Mean Time to Ressolution

Application Performance Monitoring, Cloud Monitoring, APM, SLA, Synthetic Monitoring, AppDynamics, Splunk, Sitescope, Citratest, AWS CloudWatch, CAPM, CPM

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Companies do their heavy lifting during application development phase, but the applications may suffer from performance degradation when they go live, and users expect perfection. Application downtime costs big money, loss of service, loss of data and significant financial impact. Our performance experts have over a decade of experience in helping customers to identify bottlenecks and performance issues in their application, servers or infrastructure. We use advanced tools and techniques, and deep-dive analysis to determine the bottlenecks in the network, Application performance issues down to function/method levels and even at a line of code or SQL queries.

The application can be deployed anywhere from on-premises to the external cloud; we are helping our customer to identify performance issues even in the private or hybrid cloud environment. You can leverage our broad knowledge of application servers, operating systems, databases, NoSQL database, network devices, VM and expertise in performance analysis tools to identify performance issues in the production or a pre-production phase.

Our APM Expertise:

  • Identifying Application Performance Issues
  • Synthetic Monitoring and alerting
  • Synthetic Monitoring for non-web browser based Applications
  • JVM Instrumentation and Analysis
  • Server and Application Log Analysis
  • Design and develop custom Dashboards.
  • Proactive Alerting for SLA’s
  • Heterogeneous monitoring system integration
  • Cloud and on-premises monitor Integration
  • Cloud Monitoring and Alerting

APM Tool Expertise:

  • AppDynamics
  • Splunk
  • HP Sitescope
  • HP Business Process Monitor (BPM)
  • Citratest
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • Riverbed Tools
  • Opnet Tools
  • New Relic
  • SolarWinds

Some of the Popular APM tool Advantages

AppDynamics, Complete visibility, Automatically discover application topology, Code-Level Diagnostics, Captures stack traces, End-to-end transaction, End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM)


  • Complete visibility into application performance
  • Automatically discover application topology and interdependencies
  • Monitor business transactions in real time
  • Code-Level Application Performance Diagnostics
  • Captures business transaction anomalies
  • Captures stack traces and performance metrics
  • Identify application slowdowns and rectify in QA Environment
  • Wide range of App. agents
  • End-to-end transaction tracing
  • End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) – Real-User/Synthetic/RealTime
  • Set up Proactive Alerting

HP Sitescope

Qualifying Benefits

  • Agentless Web-based Monitoring Tool
  • Monitors more than 100 different target types
  • Monitor Heterogeneous environments
  • Simultaneous monitoring of large number of systems
  • Monitor web servers, application servers, and database servers
  • Monitor CPU utilization, Response time, disk space, and resource availability
  • Alerting capabilities, based on customizable thresholds
  • Real-time status, and reporting
Sitescope, Agent less, Web-based Monitoring Tool, Heterogeneous environments, Simultaneous monitoring, Alerting capabilities, Real-time status Monitor CPU utilization, Response time
Solarwinds, Automatic application discovery, multi-vendor infrastructure, Application dependency mapping, centralized IT asset inventory, network performance monitoring, Deep performance visibility


Qualifying Benefits

  • Automatic application discovery and dependency mapping
  • Monitor applications in public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Monitor applications using out-of-the-box best practices
  • Application dependency mapping with underlying IT infrastructure
  • Centralized IT asset inventory management
  • Easy-to-customize, intuitive monitoring dashboard
  • Application-aware network performance monitoring
  • One Web interface to monitor multi-vendor infrastructure


Qualifying Benefits

  • Application Availability Monitoring
  • Synthetic End-User Experience Monitoring
  • Holistic Application and Performance Monitoring
  • Point-and-click scripting wizard
  • Non-Browser-based Thick Client  Monitoring
  • Test real end-user experience and easily automate all user actions
  • Automate functional, performance and regression testing
  • Evaluate and respond visual changes including color variations
  • Measure response times to within milliseconds
  • Monitor legacy applications and custom applications
Citratest, Synthetic End-User Experience Monitoring, Holistic Monitoring, Thick Client Monitoring, Thick Client Monitoring, Monitor legacy applications
New Relic, Newrelic, Monitor application performance, time consuming web transactions, Traces transactions, Identify slowest HTTP requests, database monitoring, Availability Monitoring, customize reports and dashboards, DevOps

New Relic

Qualifying Benefits

  • Monitor application performance trends at a glance
  • View total time spent across all web transactions
  • List most time consuming web transactions
  • Traces transactions across tiers and services
  • Identify slowest HTTP requests to all the way down to the SQL
  • Detailed database performance monitoring
  • Setup Availability Monitoring, record errors and send alerts
  • Create and customize reports and dashboards
  • New Relic integrates with Atlassian JIRA, Lighthouse, or Pivotal Tracker


Qualifying Benefits

  • Collects and indexes log and machine data from any source
  • Powerful search, Analysis and visualization capabilities
  • Enables visibility across on-premise, Cloud and hybrid environment
  • Identify and resolve issues
  • Generate analytical reports with interactive charts, Graphs ..
  • Searches and tag useful information
  • Set up alerts to automate the monitoring
  • Business Process Analytics, Customer Experience Analytics, Product Analytics ..
Splunk, Collects and indexes log, machine data, Powerful search, Analysis and visualization capabilities, Business Process Analytics, Customer Experience Analytics, Product Analytics, Searches and tag
AWS CloudWatch, Monitor Amazon EC2 CPU utilization, data transfer, Monitor Amazon EBS Volume, Monitor Custom Metrics, View Graphs and Statistics of AWS resources, Monitor and React to Resource Changes

AWS CloudWatch

Qualifying Benefits

  • Monitor Amazon EC2 – CPU utilization, data transfer, and disk usage
  • Monitor – Amazon EBS Volume, RDS, ELB, SQS, SNS
  • Monitor Custom Metrics via simple API request
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your systems and applications
  • Setup alarms on any of your metric
  • View Graphs and Statistics of AWS resources and custom metrics
  • Monitor and React to Resource Changes