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Application Modernization And Cloud Migration

Application modernization

Application modernization is the process of restructuring legacy applications to align with the current business needs and incorporate the proven design principles and technologies; and modernizing underlying platform infrastructure and architecture that offers the highest agility, scalability, and better efficiency.

These legacy applications are complicated to update and maintain, due to outdated technologies, and their end of life support. The vendor will no longer offer patches, security updates, nor will support assistance to fix any issues. The other drawback is hard to recover from the crash, system failures, or data loss. The cost of ownership to maintain a legacy application that uses outdated software, excessive hardware, staff, and frequent outages makes the operating costs, monitoring and maintenance increasingly high.

Application modernization is an essential part of the digital transformation initiative, requiring a robust implementation strategy through proper planning, and a reliable technology partner to help enterprises mitigate the IT modernization related risks. The main challenges with modernizing legacy applications boil down to complexity, time, and cost. Migrating applications from on-premises to the cloud helps the enterprise to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to the pay-as-you-go cloud model. On the other hand, applications benefit from re-platforming & rearchitecting heavily coupled monolithic legacy applications by modernizing microservices-based architecture. These microservice containers components are smaller, loosely coupled, can be deployed and scaled independently of one another.

Varcons is helping Enterprise and Federal agencies in assessing and analyzing the current state of the legacy application on many layers from business-logic, architecture, software, code quality, and to its performance. Varcons IT modernization assessment framework will offer three primary approaches, one by Stabilizing existing legacy application; the second approach is Modernizing legacy-application, and the final approach is to rebuild and replace a new application from the requirements. To modernize your IT infrastructure and legacy applications by utilizing the Varcons IT modernization framework, please contact us now.

Core Services

  • Application Portfolio assessment

  • Application Stabilization

  • Legacy Application Migration Services

  • Cloud-Native Development

  • Database Migration & Development

  • Complete software ReEngineering

  • Architect and build disaster recovery on the cloud