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Cloud Cost Modelling and Budget Management

Current month cost across accounts

6 Months - Usage Cost

Varcons’s Cloud Cost Modelling and Budget Management service enables allocated budget monitoring, cost utilization and burn-rate. Public Cloud can be cost-effective; to achieve this, we need to start monitoring cloud utilization cost. The enterprise still needs to monitor usage-cost consistently to maintain an allocated operational and maintenance cost. Comprehensive Cost-Analytics across multiple cloud and environments are imperative for tight budget control and support. Cloud instances that are forgotten in your accounts are burning your budget for no reason. Because of the highly scalable nature of the cloud, project teams often exceed their allocated budget, which leads to budget mismanagement. Getting accurate cloud spending information becomes more difficult as complex as enterprise cloud infrastructure becomes. However, having a clear cloud cost visibility and anomaly detection can be a key to avoid surprises.

We help the Enterprise and Government to create a Billing framework to implement a cloud-cost billing model to capture all billing data across the multiple clouds and perform advanced data analytics. Varcons CloudThrottle cost and billing framework provides information on overall cloud cost trends, cost by services, cost by storage type, cost by resources, cost burn-rate by project, etc. under a single dashboard. Our cloud solutions identify forgotten, and over-sized resources to take action to minimize usage-cost. Our CloudThrottle framework looks for anomalies in every service across multiple accounts and multi-cloud environment using AWS, Azure and GCP. When Anomaly Detection reaches threshold, it will send alerts to tack an action.

Core Services

Cloud Cost Modelling and Budget Management
  • Cloud Service costs breakdown report

  • Cost trend across accounts, and portfolio

  • Cost by storage, resources, service, etc.

  • Cost burn-rate by portfolio, project, and accounts

  • Cost on tagged resources vs. untagged resources

  • Visualize historical usage data with multi-level drill down

  • Set custom Budgets caps and alerts

  • Billing dashboard and report access to stakeholders

  • Recommendations to optimize the cloud cost

  • Anomaly Detection across multiple-accounts