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System And Application Monitoring

Varcons experts have decades of experience in instrumenting and monitoring System and Applications for Federal and commercial Infrastructure. Companies do their heavy lifting during the application development phase, but the applications may suffer from performance degradation when they go live, and users expect perfection. Application downtime costs big money, loss of service, loss of data, and significant financial impact. Our performance experts is helping customers to identify bottlenecks and performance issues in their applications, servers, or infrastructure. We use advanced tools and techniques, and deep-dive analysis to determine the bottlenecks in the network, application performance issues down to function/method levels and even at a line of code or SQL queries.

The application can be deployed anywhere from on-premises to the external cloud; we are helping our customers to identify performance issues even in the private or multi-cloud environment. You can leverage Varcons broad knowledge of application servers, operating systems, databases, NoSQL database, network devices, VMs, and APM tools to identify performance issues in the production or pre-production phase. Our experts built 100’s synthetic monitors to mimic real user actions and validate availability of the applications and its functionalities. We helped our customers to setup browser based Real-User Monitoring (RUM) to see how web-based applications is performing from the point of view of a real end-user and explore users experiences on the application in their web browsers.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM Core Services

  • Cloud Monitoring and Alerting

  • Cloud and on-premises monitor Integration

  • Heterogeneous monitoring system integration

  • Synthetic Monitoring and alerting

  • Synthetic Monitoring for non-web browser based Applications

  • JVM Instrumentation and Analysis

  • Design and develop custom Dashboards

  • Design and develop centralized Log aggregator and repositories

APM Tools Expertise